Nipissing Orthopaedic Laboratory Inc.

A leading provider of prosthetic and orthotic devices, custom made foot orthotics, and specialty footwear to the people of Northeastern Ontario since 1990, now in our 25th year

25th Anniversary



Testimonials received since 2010


“I have a condition called post tibialis tendon disorder.  My arches have flattened and my ankles roll in.  I am a primary school teacher and by the end of a work day I was hobbling.  Before I came to Marc for help I was treated for plantar fasciaitis more than once and my feet hurt all the time.  Marc listened very carefully and compassionately to my complaints. He offered advice and made referrals when I asked.  Under his care, I have been provided with a variety of orthotics that fit into my shoes, boots and sandals.  I was also fitted for a pair of specialty running shoes that provided extra support.  I am now able to stand comfortably all day at work and go for walks.  I was worried that I would have to wear shoes all summer, but even my sandals are comfortable.  I was also worried that I would not be able to travel, but I just got back from a walking tour of Vancouver and Victoria.  I am so grateful that I am free of pain and able to do the things I want to do.  Thank you, Marc.”

Marg D.



“I was born with a spinal and foot condition that requires me to find skilled help in order to keep me walking.  Marc and his team at Nipissing Orthopaedic Laboratory Inc. are not only skilled experts, but they care about their clients.  Without their assistance I would not be walking today.  My standard of living and quality of life are improved immeasurably by the products and care I receive from Nipissing Orthopaedic Laboratory Inc.”

Jason S.



“I am sixty six years old and have been retired for 13 years due to a worsening condition with my feet, ankles, and knees – caused from a severe car accident years ago. My condition left me unable to walk any distance without feeling extreme pain, and climbing the stairs in my home is a nightmare.


“Over the years I have been in consultations with many different specialists, doctors, therapists, chiropractors, podiatrists, and have undergone many treatments to help correct and reduce the severity of my pain, with the hopes of bettering my condition. To be fair to those practitioners, some helped while others left me feeling I had not advanced my condition at all.  As time went on and the severity of my condition grew worse, along with my pain level, I gave in to seek counsel with a surgeon and discuss surgery as what I considered the final option. By chance a temporary foot brace was recommended leading me to find Marc Tessier and his company (Nipissing Orthopaedic Laboratory Inc).


“I had previously talked with two other companies in North Bay representing a similar service and product, but was not moved by their knowledge or products to cause me to use their services. After meeting Marc for the first time, I soon recognized he was not only extremely knowledgeable, but also identified with my frustrations of the past. Marc took time to show how each of the many different practices had their own values to offer (very professional).


“Marc’s extensive history and experience in his profession also gave me confidence in his understanding of my hopes and needs. After listening to his counsel I decided in early December of 2012 to act on the recommendations. Although he was extremely busy and the festive holidays approaching, Marc, seeing my level of discomfort, decided to work me into his already busy schedule and construct a custom pair of orthotics and custom braces for both feet (to fit the new rocker shoes recommended). Marc fitted me with the new braces in time to use them just before the Christmas break, to my great pleasure.          


“For the first time in many years, not only has the pain level substantially been reduced (90%) with the use of these braces, but also I have a great deal more capability of movement – increasing my function to go for longer periods of time without fatigue. In the past, after a long day, the constant throbbing pain left me unable to get a good night’s sleep. This also has been substantially alleviated.


“I would highly recommend Marc Tessier on many levels, for his knowledge; for his ability to listen and respond in a very professional manner; for his caring and compassionate approach  and his willing to take the time to offer a full and comprehensive explanation. Thank you Marc for giving me back a better, healthier, and more hopeful lifestyle.  Sincerely – “

Ronald B.                                                                                                       




“Dear Marc and staff, congratulations on your 20th Anniversary in business. I would like to share my observations on your service. Nipissing Orthopaedic Laboratory Inc. is a highly competent, positive, and courteous establishment that I have had the pleasure to deal with for the past year. Your friendly staff works hard to provide a healthy, comforting, and sense of well-being to clients such as myself. We, in the North, are privileged to have this professional service; I am assured that you will continue to offer this excellent service for years to come.  Respectfully –”

Robert L.



“My name is Carol M. and I’ve been a client of Marc Tessier’s for about 15 years. I have several different physical problems requiring his services, and he has always found solutions by either providing a brace, a pair of shoes or orthotics which he modifies to suit my needs. He treats every client with absolute professional courtesy and yet makes them feel as though they were his only one. He never makes me feel rushed or that my problems are insignificant. No matter how many times I need adjustments he wants me to be comfortable. He has provided me with back braces, ankle braces, orthotics and shoes. I’ve been to other labs but he has been the only one concerned about the final results. He is always learning new treatments and coming up with his own ideas. His staff is always courteous and helpful, greeting us with a smile. As far as I’m concerned, Nipissing Orthopaedic Laboratory Inc. is the best in the business.”

Carol M.




“We met the team at Nipissing Orthopaedic Laboratory Inc. about 10 years ago, and Marc has been making our daughter’s back brace each year since. “Lauren” was only 4 years old then and is now almost 14. Just being diagnosed with scoliosis, we went through a pretty difficult time. But, right from the start, we were made to feel so welcome – like part of their extended family. We have been so impressed by the safe, caring environment and look forward to our trips to North Bay! I would describe their approach to work as Excellence and caring in all things. Lauren’s brace is complicated –it has had to accommodate a g-tube and the body shape changes of puberty. Each of her braces has been made with great precision and attention to detail and have been very effective at keeping her scoliosis curve at bay. Not only are they made with excellence, but also with care.


The process is very professional and respectful and the brace even has a pretty butterfly print! We have seen the team go beyond the call of duty many times! Some examples are: 1) Watching a movie is an option while patients wait. 2) Once we ate our lunch at the picnic table in the backyard! 3) Marc even made a house call to deliver Lauren’s brace when their family was traveling through for soccer 4) Once I forgot my day planner at the office and they got it back to me quickly and wouldn’t accept reimbursement for the cost! We are so grateful to Marc and his team for taking such good care of us all these years. I would recommend Nipissing Orthopaedic Laboratory Inc. to anyone. May you be blessed by the experience as we have been. And…. You may even get to meet their little dog!”

Tara B.




“Marc Tessier and his team at Nipissing Orthopaedic Laboratory Inc. have been making braces for me over the last 18 years. I am a polio survivor and I greatly benefit from the orthotics especially designed for me… otherwise I would have to rely on crutches or a wheelchair. I am very pleased with the professionalism of Marc and his team. They are knowledgeable in their field and fulfill a need so greatly appreciated in the north. Whenever a new design in bracing is made, I look forward to the new challenge. I particularly like the front lock release as it is handy and easy to use. The new plastic braces are lighter in weight and allow me to wear running shoes etc… They are more comfortable and made according to my specific situation. Having Marc and his team in North Bay is to our benefit as we no longer have to travel to Toronto or Sudbury.”

Pauline M.




“I would like to thank Karen at the Nipissing Orthopaedic Laboratory Inc. for the excellent care which I have received in the fitting and adjustment of my orthopedic shoes and air cast boots. It is only because of constant supervision and re-adjustment that I managed to heal the ulcers underneath my feet. Again thank you very much for the excellent service.”

Richard C. S.




“We met Karen Boehm when our daughter Charleigh was 23 months old. Typically when Charleigh meets with any medical professional she recoils in fear because since birth we have been involved with many, many doctors. But because of Karen’s kind disposition and genuine interest in our daughter, from the very first appointment Charleigh was comfortable. Even when Karen was fitting Charleigh for her AFOs, she talked to her all the way through it (and I think that was for our benefit too). Since Charleigh has been wearing her AFOs it is remarkable to see the change in her. Yes, physically because within days Charleigh was walking, but also socially. As a family our whole lifestyle has changed. Charleigh is now much more social and is growing more confident everyday. At two years of age, Charleigh was still crawling and we weren’t sure if she would ever be able to walk. But now considering how far she has come over the past three months, we’re sure that with Karen’s continued help and expertise Charleigh will continue progress. As parents of a child that needs extra care, having someone like Karen who is informative and empathetic, certainly makes our life easier. We are so fortunate to have an orthotist like Karen in our community.”

Josh, Cynthia & Charleigh C.




“Our daughter Summer was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, right hemiplegia, when she was only a few months old. Summer has benefited from wearing ankle and foot orthotics (braces) since she was 10 months old. It is through this early intervention from her therapy team, that includes the skills and expertise of the Nipissing Orthopaedic Laboratory Inc., that Summer has progressed extremely well with her walking (and running!). Her Orthotist Karen pays close attention to the development of Summer’s feet, legs, and gait. We are fortunate to have these capable and skilled experts, providing this valuable service, close to home.”

Tammy M.